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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friend Friday

This weeks super-cool person of the week is Michael Chapton!
City/state Born- Orange, California
Married- 13 years
Favorite Movie- The Jerk
Music- 80's Pop
Hobby- Hiking, photography
If I had had a Billion dollars I'd- We'd donate most of it, join the mission field and do what we could to prepare people to accept Christ. 
Job - Husband, father and during the day I'm a network engineer.
Currently living in what city/state - Clifton Park, New York

I met Michael or Captain Mike at Bridgepoint Church in Boise, ID.  Michael is a true friend!  Back in the days of living in Idaho, Michael got me into geocaching, which got me using a Garmin GPS.  He's a computer whiz in my book.  He's even helped me with my network in Colorado!  Michael is a man of faith and has a great family as well.  I sure wish he lived in Denver instead of New York.  Oh well.  Thanks for being such a great friend Michael!  We miss you all!

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