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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friend Friday

This weeks super-cool person of the week is Brandt Elwell!

Born- Washington D.C.
Married - 15 years
Favorite Movies - Forrest Gump, Usual Suspects
Music - Anything that is not rap music
Hobby - Camping & hiking
If I had a billion dollars - pay off all bills (friends & family too) and run around performing random acts of kindness.
Job - Shooting Range Designer
Currently live in - Boise, ID

I met Brandt back in Idaho where we attended church together.  Brandt is a Shooting Range Designer, don't you know you've got to live in Idaho!  Brandt is a great guy with a wonderful family and I wish we'd got to know them more before we moved to Colorado.  I sure wish they lived in Denver!  Thanks for being such a great friend Brandt!!

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