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Sunday, April 15, 2012


As I study prophecy and read from good authors and helpful commentaries I still find myself in a tangle of opinions and suppositions.  

Below I've suggested some books to read ranging from beginners overviews, intermediate, and finally, more advanced!

Tim LaHaye: Charting the End Times - [1 - Easy and helpful due to the graphics and content.

J. Dwight Pentecost: Things to Come - [1/2 - Classic in this field.

Dr. Randall Price: Rose Guide to the Temple - [1/2 - Brand new visual of the Temple(s). Best on the market! Can't complement this enough.

Dr. Randall Price: The Temple and Bible Prophecy - [2 - Price does a good job of focusing on prophecy via a view of the centrality of the temple.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum: Israelology, The Missing Link in Theology - [3 - Deep, but can't go wrong. Best on the market!

Some of these were books I had to read or reference while working on my M.A.R.  For most, LaHaye's Charting the End Times is sufficient for a good nut shell overview for Prophecy.

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